Sunday, 7 February 2016

February already!

We've all been busy in our own ways over Christmas and this past month, and it's about time we caught up.

I've been doing quite a bit of crochet - work and pleasure, and I'm hoping my technique has improved. Below are some photos of two baby bibs I made for my boyfriends twin nieces. They are made from fairtrade organic cotton worked in double crochet, using  a pattern from a great book by Nicki Trench. The other photos show my crochet bag colour palette in a mix of fairtade organic, reclaimed and recycled cottons. I'm still working on these, but you can see a nearly completed one in minty blue on the end. I've been having fun making them, but I should probably stop soon, as they will all need sewing together and lining. Will post something up again soon, with a few more projects I have on the go.

Happy sewing,

photography by Sam Budgen 2016

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Machine down!

So it is three weeks until my Christmas shindig and my beloved Bernina 1008 is under the weather! No matter what I do, she is having none of it.
Everytime I stitch, the tension isn't right and this occurs...

Things i have tried;
Changing thread
Changing tension
Changed needle
Leaving her alone for a few days

I am all out of ideas now, other than to take her to a dealer for a proper service and borrowing my mums machine to finish my dress in the meantime!!

Help anyone? 

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Inspiring knitters: Auntie Freda

by Grandma Chic

My Great Aunt Freda passed away recently, leaving behind a wardrobe of hand knitted cardigans, jumpers and waistcoats - and the odd skirt too. She was a very neat knitter, making things for herself and her siblings, often in matching colour ways and with thoughtful details. I remember her once trying to teach me to knit, but with little success (it was a few years before I finally got the hang of it) as I watched her in awe merrily knitting away.

Freda kindly gave me two skirt suits in orange and pink, knitted by herself, to unpick so I could re-use the yarn. But instead I cut them up and used them in what was possibly my first upcycling project at college. I feel a bit bad about it now seeing as they were so well made, but it did help start my interest in recycling. I still have some bits leftover, and found a matching jumper made by Freda, which I plan to keep as a memento of her. It doesn't fit me at all, but I wouldn't expect it to, as Freda's knitwear was made to suit her own shape and very much her own style. And that's what's so amazing about knitting. It's very personal as you can make your own patterns to suit you, much like you can with sewing.

Maybe one day my wardrobe will be as full of hand knits as Freda's. I better get knitting!

 Freda's pink jumper


Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Feathered - November WIP

So it has been a while. I have been busy and my lovely Bernina has been having a few tantrums so we have been spending some time apart.

I have a number of projects in my head that I want to get around to doing, including; fixing two zips, finish Colette Aster blouse(another month passed without touching it..), Colette Wren in mustard yellow, experiment with bows, leather-look shorts, a couple of new pencil skirts...... there is plenty more!

 Another project that been on the table for a number of years is a shirt dress, and last Christmas, or maybe even the Christmas before, I was given Butterick 5846.

And a few months ago I treated myself to some fabric from Fabric Godmother (my favourite place for fabric at the moment - they are so pretty and so soft!) and got myself some navy cotton with daisies and some green with white feathers - so lovely. They were both always intended for a shirt dress, and finally got round to beginning my Butterick 5846!

I had to line the skirt as the cotton was a bit thin, which is as far as I have got at the moment as I need to work out the front seam of the skirt.

Also fresh on the sewing table is my dress for my Work Christmas party on the 5th December! There isn't much to show at the moment but the whole outfit is self drafted and sparkles are planned!

Is anyone else making a Christmas Party outfit or anything sparkly?
Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Crochet Progress

by Grandma Chic

Made a little progress on my crochet bag since last week. It's taking a long time to weave in all the ends. Hopefully have it finished for next week and I'll post the results...

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

This week's crochet and knitting

 by Gandma Chic


Using quite a soft colour palette at the moment with another crochet squares bag, this time in tones of pink and cream. And below, a new fair isle patterned yoke I've been knitting for a cardigan in damson, cream and very pale pink.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Advanced Style: Stamping your individual on the world.

I start this post with a memory that changed my view point on life, not just design, for ever. A friend from work linked me this video a few years ago and it has captivated me ever since. Advanced Style. Lets all take a second to allow our perspectives on style, individuality and fashion to be transformed.

Wasn't that just bloody lovely?!

I could stare at this woman for hours, her style is so striking. Her personal vibe confronts you; doesn't allow you to be distracted until you know all she wants you to know about her. This is the power style has as a tool for communication.

All images are borrowed from the wonderful
It's not just the ladies either, this level of communication transcends gender. It literally shouts at you, "Hey! Here I am! The most interesting person you will meet today, I guarantee it." 
Its so much easier to express individual personality as an older, wiser being because you have been removed from the shackles of the fashion industry's strict standards. Those rules made in order to sell an ideal to the masses just doesn't apply to you. So what we get is a more honest and exciting view of the wearer and them as an individual. As apposed to a highly sexualized young woman or man picked out only ever to fit a marketing role. 

This isn't about looking fashionable, this has everything to do with looking good and he knows it! Maybe if we were all this enlightened about style, we would break down boundaries all over the shop. I hope you leave this post inspired and awakened.

Remember to check out these websites where I found these bloody lovely photographs, there is plenty more where they came from.