Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Andrea Bonnell

Name: Andrea Bonnell

Name of Brand: I'll get back to you...

Location: Based in and around Birmingham

How did I get into sewing: I wanted to be a badass artist for a while but I soon came to realize the most exciting part of a project was balancing multiple elements and stages, all coming together to form a magnificent crescendo. Art was, for me anyway, pretty one dimensional in terms of outcome. It's way too personal to turn into a career for myself. That's where I discovered fashion design, followed it up at college/uni and have been in love with the process ever since. However, its no secret with me that I am a square peg in a round hole. I love what I do but really dislike the industry where my work "should" sit, so I just simply don't strive to fulfill those expectations. Call me a kind of outsider designer if you will.

Inspirations/Muse: Gender, traditional men's tailoring/design and vintage style women's undergarments. My muses would include spectacular people like, Cher, Liza Minnelli, Prince, Courtney Act and a few more I'm certain will crop up.

What I love about Sewing: That buzz you get when a final photshoot loops right back round to the dodgy doodle you did in a notebook. That completion of a vision. I find the design process pretty torturous, so the only reward for that is total success of the original inspiration without losing it's truth. And pattern cutting, I pretty much love getting stuck into that. Ooooo and fabric, I go ape shit for fabric.

What I don't like about sewing: We all agreed on unpicking...but I pretty much hate not having enough tables to spread my stuff obnoxiously all over. I need all of my stuff out all at the same time so I can see it but I really don't like mess...try handling that for a day :P Also, having to explain myself to people who just don't get the design process, or art, or anything of creative value! :D

Favourite Garment made/designed: So far, my red dress. It makes me feel gooey on the inside.

Where can we find you: 

Facebook Twitter apparently, My personal blog, Pinterest, Instagram and Toile Together's facebook page.

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