Saturday, 24 October 2015

Advanced Style: Stamping your individual on the world.

I start this post with a memory that changed my view point on life, not just design, for ever. A friend from work linked me this video a few years ago and it has captivated me ever since. Advanced Style. Lets all take a second to allow our perspectives on style, individuality and fashion to be transformed.

Wasn't that just bloody lovely?!

I could stare at this woman for hours, her style is so striking. Her personal vibe confronts you; doesn't allow you to be distracted until you know all she wants you to know about her. This is the power style has as a tool for communication.

All images are borrowed from the wonderful
It's not just the ladies either, this level of communication transcends gender. It literally shouts at you, "Hey! Here I am! The most interesting person you will meet today, I guarantee it." 
Its so much easier to express individual personality as an older, wiser being because you have been removed from the shackles of the fashion industry's strict standards. Those rules made in order to sell an ideal to the masses just doesn't apply to you. So what we get is a more honest and exciting view of the wearer and them as an individual. As apposed to a highly sexualized young woman or man picked out only ever to fit a marketing role. 

This isn't about looking fashionable, this has everything to do with looking good and he knows it! Maybe if we were all this enlightened about style, we would break down boundaries all over the shop. I hope you leave this post inspired and awakened.

Remember to check out these websites where I found these bloody lovely photographs, there is plenty more where they came from. 

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