Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Andrea's Corner of the Universe

Hi there! This is where I work, Its neat right now because I'm in between garments but when I'm working it gets real messy and I spread out a lot. 

I pretty much need everything to hand, so I find working in this L shape is more efficient for my process. I also need a huge desk to pattern cut on, this is like 2ft by 4ft and I could still do with about double that, one can dream! 

I have all of my cotton visible as well as my scissors. I have 3 sewing boxes, all three are a mess but they have specific messes inside of them so I can always find my stuff. Most of the time anyhow! 

To get an even better idea of my design space and what we are about as Toile Together, watch the video down below and check us out! 

I hope you like my little place in the Universe, stay tuned for Jenny, Sam and Afua's updates. 

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