Monday, 19 October 2015

Aster Blouse WIP

So, being self taught in the land of dressmaking, I have a major collection of patterns from Deer & Doe, Colette, Butterwick as well as a collection of books and self drafted patterns. I am slowly trying to get through my "To Sew" list, which does not seem to be decreasing in size!!
I have only ever made one blouse previously, which was based on a vintage pattern I was given a long time ago. I made it in this lovely floral fabric that I love but I rarely ever wear this blouse as I am so ashamed by the poorly made buttonholes!

Currently on my mannequin is an Aster Blouse, a pattern by Colette. This is the second pattern I have tried, having previously made a couple of Sorbetto tops (a free pattern with a lot of room for creativity).
I need some blouses for work, and this new pattern from Colette looks like something I could adapt with options of short, long or flutter sleeves and looked like it had a nice fit to it.
I bought some Chambray from eBay - I rarely buy fabric from the internet as I don't trust fabric that I haven't touched to get a good feel for the fabric and how it would work as a garment. Also, pictures can be misleading with colours, patterns etc.
My Aster Blouse in construction - I am 80% of the way through.. just waiting to but buttons and hem! But will I ever find buttons the right size and that match? No, because every time I have swung by a shop that sells buttons, I have not looked for any. My other major project at the moment is a pretty dress for the work Christmas Party and I have been majorly.. but more of that one another day...!
The blouse in its almost finished state..
I have finally learnt to do a placket!! Easier than it looks- phew.

Shoulder Pin-tucks

I really like this pattern, and if I had time, would like to make a gingham shirt, like this one below from ASOS - love it and I have plenty of white or black buttons which would match perfectly!!

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  1. Oooo Jenny this looks like its going to be a very me blouse! I like ordering fabric online, oddly, it's like Russian roulette, kind of thrilling lol!