Monday, 12 October 2015

How to sew a french seam

Hi guys, Andrea here! I thought it would be kind of cool to share with you how to sew a french seam. As you know from Jenny's post she is lucky enough to own an over locker (so jealous). Now I don't, not only because they are rather expensive (main reason haha!) but also I'm an old fashioned girl who likes to make things hard for herself, kind of sadistic like that :P

Not everyone has access to this kind of machinery so it forces you to seek out new seam ideas dug up from the past, before the era of the over locker. I find myself using this one time and time again so I thought I would share it with you.

Now if I confused you there with my explanation, here are some awesome books I refer to all the time. Basically brilliant books I recommend owning regardless of your seam choices.


There are a bunch of other seams you can do that don't require an over locker, but I find that this is the one I use the most. This seam is only suitable for lightweight fabrics, so nothing in wool or things like cotton drill or anything of that weight really. Chiffon, silk, muslin, lightweight cottons, polyesters that are lightweight, this seam finish will be great for! 

Go nuts and refer back to the past occasionally, you may just surprise yourself


  1. I have only ever done French seams on one outfit - I love the neatness of doing a FS but I have not quite perfected the skill yet!!

  2. I love them, its the most satisfying seam to do, I also kind of like it when you can see it through sheer fabric. :) It's all in that pressing and the trim stage in between.