Monday, 5 October 2015

Jenny's Expanding Sewing Zone

So me and my fella moved into our flat in March 2013 and my sewing space was very important to me so we decided the spare bedroom would be my sewing room. I 'temporarily' set up in the living room where it was bigger, had more light and was more social... which was enough to keep me there so everyone can watch me and my creative space grow!

Starting with just a desk, a sewing machine and a big box FULL of fabric, my workspace has expanded to this...

1x Sewing machine, 1x Overlocker, 1x Pinboard of important notes, 3x freebie rolls of fabric, notebooks, reference books and lot of boxes full of fabric, thread, patterns and other essentials.

My most recent addition to my space is my patchwork cushion on my chair which is made from scraps kept in my purple box (top right)

Inside some of my drawers... my most recent fabric purchases from Fabric Godmother, various patterns in their own envelopes and more fabric purchases.

Fabric Godmother is my current favourite online shop, and I adore the soft cotton bird fabric. One day it will become a beautiful blouse for myself.

My Bernina sisters - sewing machine and overlocker(which I only got for Xmas last year - how did I manage without it!) I keep an unpicker at the base of my sewing machine as more than likely I will need it. Also pictured is my scissor jar and essential sewing box, always close to hand when I am sewing, stocked with bobbins, chalk, beeswax, more unpickers amongst other bits.

Finally, my sewing notebook bible. I often don't go out fabric shopping without it. Any ideas I get go in here, including notes written on scraps as well all the patterns I own (from Colette to Deer and Doe) so I always know how much fabric I will need as well as those little extras like zips!

 The other essential space I use, is the kitchen worktop which is perfect for cutting out fabrics. When we move to a bigger place, I will have my own room where I can upgrade my space even further with stuff hanging from walls, a pull out/drop down cutting table and more than likely a rail so I can see all my unfinished pieces in progress!
So that is my expanding sewing zone.

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