Saturday, 14 November 2015

Inspiring knitters: Auntie Freda

by Grandma Chic

My Great Aunt Freda passed away recently, leaving behind a wardrobe of hand knitted cardigans, jumpers and waistcoats - and the odd skirt too. She was a very neat knitter, making things for herself and her siblings, often in matching colour ways and with thoughtful details. I remember her once trying to teach me to knit, but with little success (it was a few years before I finally got the hang of it) as I watched her in awe merrily knitting away.

Freda kindly gave me two skirt suits in orange and pink, knitted by herself, to unpick so I could re-use the yarn. But instead I cut them up and used them in what was possibly my first upcycling project at college. I feel a bit bad about it now seeing as they were so well made, but it did help start my interest in recycling. I still have some bits leftover, and found a matching jumper made by Freda, which I plan to keep as a memento of her. It doesn't fit me at all, but I wouldn't expect it to, as Freda's knitwear was made to suit her own shape and very much her own style. And that's what's so amazing about knitting. It's very personal as you can make your own patterns to suit you, much like you can with sewing.

Maybe one day my wardrobe will be as full of hand knits as Freda's. I better get knitting!

 Freda's pink jumper


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