Sunday, 15 November 2015

Machine down!

So it is three weeks until my Christmas shindig and my beloved Bernina 1008 is under the weather! No matter what I do, she is having none of it.
Everytime I stitch, the tension isn't right and this occurs...

Things i have tried;
Changing thread
Changing tension
Changed needle
Leaving her alone for a few days

I am all out of ideas now, other than to take her to a dealer for a proper service and borrowing my mums machine to finish my dress in the meantime!!

Help anyone? 


  1. Problem looks like your bobbin area, is the bobbin case seated properly? Also, most bobbin cases have a little screw on the side of them, maybe try adjusting that or get a new bobbin case entirely???

  2. Try this Jenny! :D

  3. I deffos played with the bobbin screw you mentioned at some point...on a few occasions! The link had a super 'Yo-Yo' tutorial to fix the tension. Thanks budddy and will save it for the future! X